About us

Leading manufacturer of photovoltaic structures in Europe

We know the importance of quality and timely execution. Using almost 30 years of experience, a team of the best specialists on the market and a modern, constantly developed machinery park, we are able to meet any project.

We operate as part of the Rex-Bud Group, drawing on experience, creating new potential.

Stability and security
Rex-Bud Group has been operating in the Polish and European market continuously since 1995. For nearly 30 years, with hundreds of completed investments, it has earned the name of one of the leading General Contractors in Poland and Europe.
We understand the scale of the challenges and the variety of expectations that precede the start of any project. We also know how to meet them.
The highest level of service
We are guided by the principle of partnership in business. Your time matters to us. Working in a "design and build" system, we meet your needs, taking care to achieve the goals you set.
Our products meet all safety standards, and the production process itself is supported by a number of certificates.
We strive to always be two steps ahead of the market and ahead of our customers' expectations. This makes us keep pushing the boundaries of our capabilities, constantly developing our production resources and ensuring the highest quality of our services.

Product certification and testing

In testing and evaluating the quality of our products, we are supported by Rawlplug, a global leader and expert in fasteners, fasteners and tools, with over 100 years of tradition. Thanks to this, we are confident that every component leaving our factory, meets the most stringent technological standards and will not let you down at crucial moments. Quality does not tolerate compromise.

We realize that a better tomorrow requires immediate action. Solar energy is a virtually infinite, fully renewable source of energy.

Sustainability and climate policy are fundamental to the way we develop our business. Taking care of the environment so that future generations can benefit from it is one of our strategic goals and the foundation of our operations.
Investment in the environment
We believe that renewable energy sources mean a better future for our planet. That's why we are constantly looking for cutting-edge solutions and technologies and developing our competence in this field.
Social responsibility
In our activities, we support local communities. We provide our employees with decent working conditions and development opportunities.
Supporting the energy transition
We are actively working to promote renewable energy sources, including by using it to power our own operations.

Innovative solutions for your investments. We create structures from versatile, in-stock components.

Easy and quick installation
minimal connections and screws and a simplified mounting hole system,
Reduced possibility of mistakes and reduced installation time,
The standardization of details makes it easy to replace any structural component,
Low cost of design, production and installation.

As one of the leading manufacturers of photovoltaic structures, we provide a number of benefits

Precise, repeatable production
We use production halls with a total area of more than 7,500 square meters. Thanks to the know-how developed over the years, we are able to produce on a large scale precisely made components with optimal parameters.
Durability you can trust
For high durability, confirmed by strict tests, we use the highest quality raw materials, which we process ourselves. Thus, we have full control at every stage of production.
Quality without compromise
As one of the largest manufacturers in the industry, we work with the best steel suppliers. This means the highest quality, while maintaining favorable prices.
Research and continuous development
To keep setting new standards, we are developing our own R&D department. We test modern processing and production methods, selecting the right materials for them.
Relationship focus
We are always open to comments and suggestions from our Partners and Customers. Your input is invaluable to us.